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let my people vote

My Battle to Restore the Civil Rights of Returning Citizens 
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"We will not rest until we live up to the promise of Amendment 4 and see every one of the 1.4 million returning citizens who want to be a part of our democracy have the opportunity to do so."

"a story of courage and vision and persistence."


"Desmond Meade's Let My People Vote: My Battle to Restore the Civil Rights of Returning Citizens is a compelling story about one man's rise from addiction, homelessness, and prison to run a successful campaign to re-enfranchise more than one million Florida voters."

In Let My People Vote, Meade takes us on a journey from his time in homeless shelters, to the exhilarating, joyful night in November of 2018, when Amendment 4 passed with 65 percent of the vote.

Meade’s story, and his commitment to a fully enfranchised nation, will prove to readers that one person really can make a difference.

"Amendment 4 was the largest expansion of voting rights in a half a century, and Desmond Meade made it happen."

-Stacey Abrams


"A man I deeply admire and respect, Desmond Meade is leading the way."

-John Legend


"Desmond Meade is one of my personal heroes, and his story is an inspiration for all those who aim to build a radically more inclusive society."

-Michelle Alexander

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